Google Search Part 2, Advanced

Read The — Ope­ra­tor The ~ Ope­ra­tor The OR and | Ope­ra­tors The .. Ope­ra­tor The * Ope­ra­tor Spe­cial Cha­rac­ters: Sum­ma­ry Advan­ced Search Form Other Search Forms Refi­ning a Que­ry * [[|Anatomy of a Web Address Using Search Ope­ra­tors Search Ope­ra­tors

Google Search Part 1, The Basics

It is essen­tio­nal to be effec­tive in Goog­le Search. Watch this video as an intro­duc­tion Read and mimic the sear­ches from the tuto­ri­al: Ent­e­ring a Que­ry Going Direct­ly to the First Result Selec­ting Search Terms Inter­pre­ting Your Que­ry Craf­ting Your Que­ry by using Spe­cial Cha­rac­ters Quo­ted Phra­ses Quo­ta­ti­on Marks Replace the + Ope­ra­tor

Getting started with Windows and Icons

Watch and read: Watch to get used to win­dows and the desk­top. Repeat the stuff with,, and Do some exer­cise with the cal­cu­la­tor: Read and save a PNG file with a red cir­cle and a yel­low fil­led rec­tang­le.